So much sits beyond my control. The snow that is, again, falling outside my window. The behavior of people around me. The future. The past. It seems I need to be reminded of my helplessness over and over.

Tonight, as the snow began to fall again and I pondered several days alone in my house, I felt the loneliness set it. I thought about jumping in a car and driving to Dave’s. I considered calling everyone I knew. Then, I remembered God (hard to believe I can forget God, right?), and I turned to this online devotional I really love. Here’s what it had to say about Luke 5:1-7

Have you ever had a hard time solving a problem? Perhaps there was a situation that you tried over and over to correct but just couldn’t make right. This is very common and it happens more frequently the older you get! Sometimes, in fact, the more you try to fix a problem, the worse you make it.

Luke’s Gospel tells the story of Jesus and some fishermen. The fishermen had been in their boats all day trying to catch some food but had been unsuccessful; they had nearly given up. Then Jesus climbed into their boat, directed them to the deep waters, and instructed them to throw out their nets. They pleaded with Jesus and said his efforts were useless. But they did as they were told and caught so many fish, and caught them so fast, that their nets began to break. Their boats couldn’t hold all the fish!

Quite often when we face a difficult situation, we attempt to correct it ourselves and forget to ask God for help. Sometimes, it is only when we surrender a situation to God that life actually begins to work out well.

Boy, did I need to hear that? I needed to be reminded that many things are beyond my control but none of them are beyond God’s. If I can give up my ways, if I can truly surrender, God can do so much more than I ask or imagine.

So tonight, I surrender to the snow and the alone time I will get. I surrender to the quietness that will ensue as the city surrenders, at least physically, to another storm that pushes us inside. I surrender to the quiet music of Ken Medema and meditative pleasure of crochet. I surrender, and I listen for what God has to say to me in my surrender.