It’s been an oh-so-not-productive weekend, at least on the reading and writing front, but I am coming to enjoy these God-created breaks in time. While I did begin to get restless some yesterday, I know that these storms come only when we most need them.

Dave and I have spent a lot of time talking, and we actually had a fun, if tiring time, shoveling out our cars yesterday only to have them recovered in a few short minutes. We watched lots of movies, and found a funny new show that both he and I really enjoy – Top Gear. I almost finished cross-stitching my grandparents’ Christmas gift from three years ago (It’s the Lord’s Prayer as modeled after a medieval wall-hanging – think monk-like illumination made in tiny crosses), and we ate a lot of peanut butter popcorn, the most delicious substance Mennonites ever created.

There is glory in these days. It’s quiet, subtle glory. Glory that has been hushed by the snow, but it is there whispering to me today in the snow flakes that shimmer as they fall off the trees.

The Great Blizzard of 2010 by Ian – The Great Blizzard of 2010 by Ian Campsall