Right now, as I sit at the desk, tutoring about to be finished, taxes just completed (YEAH!!), and a long day almost behind me, my dear roommate Kathy is downstairs making dinner. The music- it was the Once soundtrack, and now it’s John Mayer – and the smells of acorn squash are wafting up the stairs. The light here is soft; I am in my yoga pants. And I am grateful for my roommate, my friend, who is making me a dinner that she knows I will love.

I am grateful because she buys organic milk, even though it’s probably not her first choice. I am grateful because she took out the recycling, because she feeds my cats when I’m away, because she makes dinner from the squash my parents grew, because she let me check out extra books on her library card when I was only allowed two on my first “borrow.” I am just grateful.

So here’s the glass of pomegranate hot tea raised to my roommate and to yours, these people who make our lives easier in all the beautiful little ways.


(Almost) Daily Tally – Miles – 96, $ – 6.00 on veggie quesadilla, Food – bread, string cheese, and YUMMY acorn squash something.