So this morning, I was in a glorious mood, looking forward to my day of tutoring, a night of relaxation, and tomorrow off to write and read and grade and think before heading to my parents’ for the weekend. I had a great shower with perfectly hot water; I packed leftovers from last night’s dinner for my lunch; I loaded up my books and headed for the car.

only to find that my passenger side window had been broken in. Everything in the car – including a couple of books on CD from the library – had been rifled through. Glass was everywhere. My door was ajar. And it was cold in the car. Great moment!!

But then, I called Dave, talked to Kathy, and called the police. The report was filed, the change in plans executed (a change which involved a night in Dave’s suburban neighborhood instead of my urban one), and off to tutor I went. The drives up to school and down to D.C. were chilly, but I finished Jonathan Saffren Foer’s Eating Animals (look for the review in the coming days – talk about a life-changer) and get to spend the night with my sweetie (he’s making burritos as I type.)

In the end, all is well, as it alway is. I’m down some snacks – yes, that’s right the thief only stole a bag of raisins and a bag of sunflower seeds – but safe, not out a lot of cash, and still on track with life. I am blessed still.

And as Dave noted, at least I already ate the rice cakes that I had in the car for roadtrip snacks, or else I would really have taken a loss in all of this.

Hope you all have great nights.

Daily Tally – Miles-152; $-~15 on gas and 4 on lunch; Food – Biscuits, tapioca, green beans, baked Lays, fruit leather, and a veggie burrito. Car Break-In