Yesterday, I didn’t blog. I failed my goal, and to be honest, I’m pretty disappointed in myself. I really like the rhythm of blogging each day.

But then, perhaps this is the reason our life on this planet is designed so that we sleep for several hours each night, a fresh start every morning. That’s nice.

So today, Kathy, Dave, and I are working around our house a bit. We hung curtains yesterday; today, we’re vacuuming and just putting the house in order for the week that is to come. There’s something really communal about cleaning together.

On a great note, Ila, my friends’ daughter arrived in Orlando last night. They don’t have her yet, but she is here, on U.S. soil, and tomorrow she will – Lord willing – go home with them. Another step in the journey.

Perhaps, then, that is what each day is, another step – or mistep maybe – on the journey. That is the truth of the day for me – to take each day as it comes and move through that day with what it brings. Tomorrow, well, that is for then.

Teton sunrise “Grand Teton Winter Sunrise” – Jansen Gunderson