So on this one day, I have driven over an hour to have an appointment cancel (which was okay and really understandable). I then had a friend in crisis who I went to help. Then, just a few minutes ago, I caught a man looking in the back door of my house. I opened the door, thinking he was from the power company because someone from there is supposed to come by, and it turns out he wasn’t from there. In a momentary flash of stupidity, I escorted him through my house and out the front door. The police came by and told me he was probably going to break in. (Hopefully now that he’s seen my house he will change his mind – hopefully.)

But in all of this, the timing has been perfect. Because the appointment cancelled, I could get to my friend to help. Because I was home, I may have kept myself from being burgled (even if I did so in a way that reveals my ultimately naive trust in human beings.)

It’s been a colassally bad day that could have been colassally worse. Thank God for small favors and for the really big ones that seem small at the time.