Yesterday, I told you guys about Ila, the little girl that friends of mine are adopting from Haiti. I told you that she is at an orphanage where their supplies are running low, and I told you that I wanted to find some way to act.

Today, her father wrote with an action. He and his wife received this email from the orphanage today:

At this time we need everyone to PLEASE contact your congressmen and senators.

The only thing we need to evacuate the children in the orphanage to the U.S. is approval from the State Department and the President of Haiti. Everything else in place to be able to evacuate – the only thing keeping our kids in Port-au-Prince is this permission.

We have babies with diarrhea who will dehydrate quickly and we need to get the kids out.

Please, get on the phone now, and start calling. Ask your senators to contact the State Department to get this approval as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Kim Harmon, President
For His Glory

Here, my friends, is a way you can really help people in Haiti, people who are voiceless and cannot help themselves – orphaned children. Please call your senators, email the president, contact anyone you know who has power or voice with the State Department. Post this information on Twitter and Facebook. Spread the word via email and phone. Let’s get these kids home now!!

In December it took a team less than 9 hours to find ten balloons as part of an online experiment in social networking. What if we could harness this same power to bring more than 125 children to safety and get many of them to the families who long to embrace them.

Join me, and tell me how you join me in this effort. Please, I ask you to call and write your senators, and please, I ask you to spread the word. To get the contact info for your elected officials, use this link –

For His Glory Outreach Orphanage in Haiti