Good friends of mine have a daughter – her name is Ila – in an orphanage just outside of Port-Au-Prince. When I first heard about the earthquake in Haiti, she was the first person I thought of. Only through God’s grace did all of the orphans survive the earthquake.

But today, one of the nannies there has died, they are running of out supplies, and people (out of desperation I can only presume) are breaking into the orphanage to steal their supplies. The situation is getting worse and worse.

When tragedy at this scale hits, I am truly at a loss for how to respond. I could send money. I could try to find a way to be practically helpful. Today, I pray. This seems the best thing.

Money is needed. Medicine is needed. Hope is needed. I cannot provide enough to get enough of these things to help all the Haitians, but God can. So today, I pray. Please join me by helping in whatever way you can.

Orphanage in Haiti – Orphanage in Haiti