I am sitting in the cutest library where they have exactly 1/3 of a shelf dedicated to local authors. On my right is a floor to ceiling case of biographies where Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love sits at eye level. On my right are two spinner racks of mass market paperbacks that are for sale. I will have to get some cash and make a donation to this great place.

Just beyond the far wall sits the Basye airport. Yes, that’s right – the library and the airport are in the same building. I have never heard of such a combination, but somehow here it seems exactly perfect. The librarian’s coat – a big puffy trench coat like the ones my mom and I used to wear when I was in junior high – hangs by the front door, and as I was coming in, a brown daschund greeted me warmly.

Dave is up the mountain (okay, it’s really a glorified hill) and has texted to tell me that his skills are mostly back after a hiatus from skiing. I was planning on sitting in the lodge, but since I think the lodge is actually a big cafeteria with a pentagonal fireplace in the middle, I may spend most of my time at the townhouse we have rented.

The hills here are spotted with beautiful houses, all fronted with windows that take in the glory of the mountains here. There is snow on the ground, but the air is warm and sunny. People walk here, and they wave when they drive by. What a lovely place for a few days respite.

The Basye Library – The Basye Library/Airport