So my electric bill just came, and it’s insane. I’m very frugal, and Kathy and I are very diligent about turning out lights. But we live in a house that has almost no insulation, and our house is almost constantly at a temperature below 60 degrees. We do our best, but this bill is a little nuts.

We’re trying to improve energy efficiency by putting weather stripping on our doors, sealing plastic over our windows, and overall just keeping consumption down. But at night, when we want to watch a movie, we’re both wrapped in blankets sitting in front of a space heater that only brings the room up to 62 degrees. I’m not sure what else we can do.

But we have to do something. I guess we’ll run the space heater less and wear more layers. I supposed that’s what people have done for years. My mom is making us a tube to lay at the bottom of our front door, and I can put up more weather stripping on the back door. I expect there’s more we can do, but I’m at a loss. If you have ideas, please share.

What do you do to save energy? Why do you save energy – to spend less, to consume less? I’d like to be a person more informed on these things, so share your wisdom, please.