When I first started blogging (almost 600 posts ago – wow!), I perused lots of other blogs to get ideas and see what everyone else was up to. In the process, I discovered that lots of people do these great interactive things on their blogs. My favorite was, of course, reading challenges. I signed up for so many of these, and I’m sorry to saw that, like many of my sewing projects, I never finished a one. I got lots of the books though, and I never quit. I’ll be 80, but I’ll finally finish them. But today, thanks to Christy at a Good Stopping Point, I am going to join one challenge because I think it’s such an important one. I’m joining the Biodiversity Challenge sponsored by Classical Bookworm.

I will be participating at the Basic Level, where I must read two books on biodiversity, plus, I plan to take several field trips, including including several walks to see what kind of birds I can find in my inner city neighborhood and out in the country around my parents’ house – on 3500 acres. That should be a study in contrast. For my two books, I have a couple of selections already chosen. First, I think I should finally read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson since it is the book that is often credited for starting the environmental movements. Secondly, in homage to my mom and in appreciation for the list that Classical Bookworm includes on the Challenge site, I’ll read Wonderful Life by Stephen Jay Gould. These should be great additions to my reading. I’ll keep you posted on how they go.
Biodiversit Challenge
If you’re interested, visit the challenge site and read all about Classical Bookworms motivation for the challenge; it’s really inspiring.

I also noticed, in my journey through blogs, that lots of people give away books, and I have tried to do the same. In December, you may remember, I asked people to tell me what their favorite reads of 2009 had been, and the list was impressive. As promised, I have randomly selected a commenter to receive five Bookmooch points to use collecting more books to read this year. Our winner is Emily Purdy-Henning. Yeah!! I love giving things away.

Finally, I received a lovely EP to review this week. It’s the latest offering by singer-songwriter Bess Rogers, who has backed wonderful musicians such as Ingrid Michaelson, who Rogers will be touring with again this year. The album is just slightly funky kind of in the way it’s funky, yet still practical, to wear those really cute galoshes with brightly colored bows in a rainstorm. The guitar playing is really spot on, and there’s a pep that runs through the songs and makes me want to bounce as a I walk. Take a listen; you’ll be glad you did.

That about wraps up my blog post about bloggy things. But if you know of any great blogs, writers, or musicians, I should get to know, please clue me in. There’s is no such thing as overcapacity when it comes to good words and music, just maybe for reading challenges. Happy Friday.