Today I woke with a cold. I always get some illness at the end of the semester. It’s like my body’s immune system says, “Finally, we can stop fighting off illness so hard. Now that you have some time to enjoy yourself, we’re going to take a little break and let you get sick. Merry Christmas.”

But I admit that I still woke up thankful. It’s just a cold – tiredness and stuffiness I can handle. Plus, Kathy made french toast, and I have coffee. A good morning indeed.

This afternoon, I head back up to my old full-time gig to grab a drink – probably hot tea since beers and colds and still icy roads don’t mix – and relax at the end of yet another hard semester (is any semester not hard, I wonder?).

It’s a good morning, and I’m going to continue enjoying it by watching Ghost Adventures, sewing while I drink more coffee, and reading more of Dan Brown’s decadent Lost Symbol. Working so hard for four months makes a person really appreciate those breaks. Yeah.