Some of you are so diligent in tracking what you’ve read over the course of the year. You keep lists – either online or in a nifty notebook – and you can look back and see what you’ve read for a particular period in time. I don’t do that. I probably should, but I don’t. So when I start thinking about what my favorite books of the year have been, I usually default to the ones I’m reading right now, if I like them.

Thus, this post is a bit hypocritical on my part, I suppose, because I’m not sure I can name my best book of the year. Yet, I would love to know yours. What have you read that has stuck with you? What gripped you so tightly that you couldn’t put it down? What changed your perspective just a bit?

If I was forced to pick, I would probably say that Dave Eggers’ What is the What is my favorite book of 2009. I listened to this text in the car, and I absolutely fell in love with the Valentino, the narrator. There was an honesty that spoke of his suffering and sorrow but still clung to hope. I found the book very inspiring and heartbreaking.

Of course, I still have one month left to find more favorites. I am reading Mahbod Seraji’s Rooftops of Tehran now. Maybe it will become my favorite soon. (By the way, Mr. Seraji will be joining our online discussion of this book. If you’re on Facebook, please join us. Otherwise, watch my blog for a review of the book next week.)

What are your “Best Books of 2009?” Share your picks this entire month, and on January 1st, I”ll give away 5 BookMooch points to a randomly selected commenter. Can’t wait to hear what you love.

What is the What by Dave EggersWhat is the What by Dave Eggers