The update on my books in terms of moving is that 95% of them are still packed and piled high in my bedroom and in our living room. I look forward to having some time to unpack and organize them.

Meanwhile, I’m listening to John Irving’s newest epic tome Last Night in Twisted River. As is true of Irving’s other books, he works in multiple generations and story lines while still managing to keep me interested with one abiding conflict and motivating force. I’m really enjoying the book – the characters are lively and fun, and I greatly appreciate the elements of his own biography – his time at Iowa and his relationships with his classmates like Carver and Cheever – that Irving weaves into the story. It’s a great way to keep myself motivated on this commute that I have now – so fun.

I hope to have internet at home by the end of the week, so then, I’ll be posting more regularly. Until then, let me know what you’re reading.