Tomorrow, my post will arrive a little later than usual – at 1pm in fact – because I am participating in the Green Books Campaign, sponsored by Eco-Libris. I will be reviewing All That We Say is Ours, a great story about the way an indigenous population in Canada is working to rejuvenate their culture and heritage while also preserving their land. So be sure to stop back for that review.

This campaign is really cool because it celebrates not only books about green issues but also books published to a green standard on recycled or FSC-certified paper. I’m very honored to be a part of this campaign as well as a supported of Ecolibris, who plants trees to help offset the environmental costs of publishing the books I love to read.

Here are three ways you can help support this campaign:
1 Definitely check out some of the other bloggers; at last count, 114 other bloggers will be reviewing books tomorrow, too.
2. Blog, tweet, Facebook, etc about the campaign. You can find all the info you need here .
3. Certainly stop back by my blog tomorrow to read by review of All That We Say Is Ours. The book is inspiring and challenging, and I will be giving my copy away tomorrow.

Please help spread the word and celebrate this great endeavor for books and for our world.

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