I’m buried in stuff it seems and sometimes have trouble getting to my computer, hence the absence of many posts lately. My apologies. I hope that one the move is settled, probably the week of Thanksgiving, life will return to a less frantic and box-laden pace. Until then, I’ll look forward to my blogging as a brief respite from the insanity.

Today, I wanted to stop by and announce that Rebecca from Rebecca Reads won the set of two “books about books” from last week’s giveaway. Congratulations, Rebecca.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my books with you guys these past couple of months, and I hope those of you who won them have enjoyed them, too. For now, I have to furlough the give-away program since most of my books are in boxes, but I do hope to recommence once I’m unpacked again. It’s just really great to share.

In the meantime, if you’re giving away books on your blog or just want to give one away in general, please let me know by dropping me an email at andilit-at-gmail.com. (Please use the subject line – Book Giveaway), and I”ll post a list of giveaways each Friday. Hopefully, we can keep this going.

Hope you guys have a great Halloween. Kathy and I get our keys today – and I can’t wait. I woke up giddy with excitement for my new place and for the fact that our cats were able to abide in the same house last night without killing one another or even screaming at one another. Small steps of progress. Have a great weekend.