This past week I received two great CDs in the mail – David Wilcox’s Open Hand and Rotten Belly Blues’ self-titled album. Both CDs speak to the traditions and roots of American music with their heavy reliance on guitar and their honest, storyteller-like vocals. Great stuff these two.

I have been a fan of David Wilcox‘s work for a long time. His songs like “The Kid” and “Deeper Still” have been long-time favorites of mine, songs perfect for those times when you want sound but sound that is quiet and soothing. He’s a masterful guitarist, and this record doesn’t disappoint. The stylings are great, his voice is lyric, and the sound, well, let’s just say it eased the wrinkles out of my soul. Pick up a copy if you feel a bit wrinkly, too.

Rotten Belly Blues, well, they grab the wrinkles in my soul and pull them out into their voices to show them off. They have a great eclectic blues style that ranges from New Orleans all the way up to the hills of Appalachia. Some songs made me want to spin around in circles, and some asked me to ease back into a soft chair and settle in for some hard thinking. The musicians are excellent, and the sound gruff – just like blues should be. If you like blues, then get hold of some Rotten Belly.

David Wilcox's Open HandOpen Hand by David Wilcox

Rotten Belly Blues – Rotten Belly Blues