Last week, on the ubiquitous site known as <em>Facebook, a gorgeous picture of my a dear friend appeared on my screen. The deepness of her blue eyes and softness of her expression were perfectly captured in the image, and when I saw it was part of a photography show, I checked it out. This is how I came to know of the work of David Difuntorum, a Philly-based photographer who talent for portraiture particularly caught my attention. Take a look for yourself.

Portrait by David Difuntorum

Portrait by David Difuntorum

Portrait of Megan Scott by David Difuntorum

Zoe and Ian by David Difuntorum

I think he has the ability to capture what is essential – the Ousia – of people, so I wanted to share his work with you all. And if you’re in Philly, stop by his show at the Black N Brew. The show opens on November 1st.


On November 10th, 111 book bloggers will post reviews of “green books” in collaboration with a giant push by Eco-Libris, the organization that helps us book lovers offset our book habit by planting trees for the books we read. That day, I will be reviewing All That We Say Is Ours: Guujaaw and the Reawakening of the Haida Nation. Here’s the first paragraph of the jacket summary:

Haida Gwaii, the ancient territory of the Haida people, is a West Coast archipelago famous for its wild beauty and rich species diversity. But that natural bounty, since European contact, has also been a magnet for industry. In the mid-1970s, the Haida rallied with environmentalists to end the rapacious logging of their monumental old-growth forests – and to reassert their title and rights to their homeland.

I’m very much looking forward to reading this book and seeing the other reviews on the 110 other blogs. Keep your eyes peeled for more information shortly.

Finally, in other random news from around the web, I have been listening to a great sermon series about Relationships. Pastor Rusty of New Hope Church has really been challenging me to think about how I can be more loving and strong in all of my relationships, particularly in those that are difficult – the ones with annoying people, annoying people like me. If you have ever struggled to figure out how to be in relationship with someone who pushes your buttons or if you just want to improve the great relationships you already have, I encourage you to check out this series. It really has made me think and be more deliberate in my relationships.