This morning, I slept – for the last hour of the night – so hard that babies would envy me. It was glorious. So now, I am in a little bit of a fog and just stared at the curtain rod in my office for ten minutes trying think of what I want to write on here today. Thus, I am writing about what I was thinking about – this is truly profound. 🙂

Yet, the truth is that I just had an odd and wonderful weekend. Kathy and I went apartment shopping in Baltimore (and found a beautiful townhome near Patterson Park that we are applying for). In our treks around the city, a city that both of us know a little but not enough to not need a map, we tooled through the streets of Federal Hill, ate at Mother’s Grille where I had a great creamsicle milkshake thing, almost got hit by a train trying to get back on the highway, and finally found that townhouse on only our second day of looking.

But I must admit – and I hope this man will understand I mean this comment respectfully – that the most odd part of the weekend was knocking on a door to meet a man named Jim who was going to show us a place in Federal Hill. When Jim came to the door, he was blue, and I said, “Wow, you’re blue,” and he said, “yes, I’m blue.” In the 30 seconds it took for me to blurt out the most embarrassing introduction of my life, I ran through these thoughts:
1. He looks different than most people.
2. He must be a sports fan.
3. The Orioles are orange.
4. The Ravens are purple.
5. He is blue.
6. Those are tattoos.
I was mortified by my rudeness. The man was tattooed from head to toe in blue and black swirls. It was really beautiful, especially because the color matched his eyes exactly, but it did startle me a bit. He was a very kind man, very knowledgable and sweet, and we were very grateful to have his help in looking at the apartment there. Man, I need to think before I speak. (By the way, Jim has spoken out about his tattoos in a very eloquent and interesting way here.)

So this morning, after this crazy weekend – that included a great relaxing Sunday with Dave – I am out of real insights. Today, I feel good about that. I’m just here, doing my thing, taking the day and the words as they come. I hope you can do the same.