In six weeks or so, I will be downsizing from my townhouse to a two-bedroom apartment. And so I have begun the process of packing (and when I say that I have begun, I mean that I have packed three boxes).

For me, this is the best part of moving – the purging and cleaning out of unnecessary clutter. It’s truly stupefying how much stuff one woman can accumulate in three and a half years. But I do love going through things and getting rid of what I don’t need. I like to give “gifts” to people who might appreciate that special clock (or not); I like to donate things to good organizations; I like to sell what I can at yard sales; and I even love just throwing things away (recycling what I can of course). There’s just something really gratifying about paring down the material representations of my life.

Of course, I can get borderline obsessive at this point in the moving process. I try to “use” my shampoo faster so I don’t have to pack it. I consider what books I need – like those textbooks I teach from, are they necessary? I even begin to think about what food I need to eat through and how quickly. I’m sure there’s a little mental illness in here, but still, I love it.

I am off to clean out the bathroom – who knew one girl could have so many shades of nail polish when she bites her fingernails?