Today, all, for my Friday book giveaway, I am offering W. B. Yeats’ collection Irish Folk Stories and Fairy Tales. These are Yeats’ renditions of these tales, and therefore, they are gorgeous and stunning, like his poetry.

I find myself liking fairy tales and folklore more and more. There’s something quintessentially true about these stories, something that doesn’t often appear – at least not in the same form – in novels or contemporary short stories. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the plot or the sincerity of the characters. Or maybe it’s just that these stories ring of nostalgic and times gone by where life seems simpler, from my 21st century perspective.

If you are a fairy tale fan or if you love Yeats, this book is a great addition to your collection. So leave a comment for a chance to win, and spread the word – Twitter, Facebook, your own blog – to get more entries.

And last week’s winner of the David Lodge combo is OldUvai – Congratulations!

Cover of Irish Folk Stories and Fairy Tales by W. B. YeatsIrish Folk Stories and Fairy Tales by W. B. Yeats (Note – the cover of my edition is different, and my copy is older (but in perfect condition), published when books were $.95.