This week on my Friday book giveaway bonanza (wow, I should have used that word last week when I was giving away a Western), I am giving away a set of two David Lodge novels – How Far Can you Go and Nice Work. How Far is a satirical and hysterical look at the Catholic Church in England in the sixties; Nice Work is another in a set of Lodge’s academic novels where he uses the more absurd elements of academia (and there are plenty) to create a funny and engaging plot.

I have read a lot of Lodge’s work, all because of the recommendation of my high school English teacher, Mr. Evans. He kept one of those mass market spinner racks of books in his classroom, and he was always willing to lend and recommend books to his students. He told me I would like Lodge, and I did – I do.

So if you’re in the mood for a good laugh that comes through strong writing and quirky characters, post a comment and let me know. If you think others might like/need the same, share this giveaway through your various forms (Twitter, Facebook, your own blog), and I”ll give you a double entry in the giveaway.

Nice Work by David LodgeNice Work by David Lodge

How Far Can You Go by David Lodge How Far Can You Go by David Lodge
And now for last week’s winners, Andi from Estella’s Revenge won Sebastian Junger’s Fire; Rajeev won Perry Holmes’ Mountains Against the Sun; and Jill from Fizzy Thoughts won Paul Theroux’s My Other Life. So I will be continuing to bolster the post office’s sales (and I think they need the help) by sending these off this week.

Meanwhile, laugh often and long this weekend.