Today, in my weekly bookgiveaway, I decided to celebrate the voices of men. I know, the voices of men have been championed and privileged a lot in history, but at least in my reading and writing, they don’t often get heard, especially if they write in a more traditional masculine vein. So today, I thought I would raise them off and offer their work as a gift to you.

Today, I am offering Paul Theroux’s My Other Life for a privileged reader. I was introduced to Theroux in grad school when my mentor David Ulin made him required reading for one of his classes. I still remember David pointing out how honest Theroux is in his writing, even when his honesty reveals something less than stellar about himself as a person. This lesson – as much as any other – has stuck with me as a I write and read, and now, honesty is one of the central tenets I seek on the page.

Secondly, I’m giving away Sebastian Junger’s Fire. This book is a collection of essay – “literary journalism” pieces as the blurb calls them – that explores some of the greatest horrors of our time: genocide, environmental devastation, hunger. For readers who liked The Perfect Storm, Junger’s most famous work, this provides another inlet into his mind and voice.

Finally, in homage to my father, I am sharing a Western with you – Perry Holmes’ Mountains Against the Sun. My dad loves Westerns, loves that rugged survival instinct, loves mountain men, loves stories of people making their way through the harshness of landscape. This book was his, and now it can be yours (with his blessing, of course.)

So if you’d like to read any of these books, please post a comment explaining why you’d like to read one, and I”ll enter each commenter in a random drawing next Friday. If you post this giveaway on your blog, tweet about it, or share it on Facebook, I”ll give you another entry for each “share.”

Happy weekend, all. Happy reading. Happy Autumn.

Cover of My Other Life by Paul TherouxMy Other Life by Paul Theroux

Cover of Fire by Sebastian JungerFire by Sebastian Junger

Cover of Mountains Against the Sun by Perry HolmesMountains Against the Sun by Perry Holmes