Or at least when you think it might – well, when I got an offer on my house on Wednesday, an offer that was real and probable, I immediately started thinking about what I would have to pare down on to be able to move into an apartment, my interim accommodation of choice while I figure out what my next “more settled” move will be in life. (By the way, I have long ago given up any delusion that I am one of those people made to “settle down.” I just don’t know that I will ever do so, but then maybe that’s exactly what will happen, what I least expect.)

As I sit and wait to hear whether this offer will go through, (send out those good vibrations and prayers for me if you will), I have begun to think about what can go. I sold a giant bean bag/bed to a friend who really likes it. I culled through my pantry today to see what I could yard sale (who really needs wicker-ish paper plate holders), and now I am moving through my books. I have sent many, many off to Powell’s, where they buy used books and pay for shipping. I have put many, many on Bookmooch, and now, I am hoping to rope you into my house-emptying frenzy.

Each Friday, I am going to pick a book from my collection to give away here on my blog. Sometimes, these will be books that I have read closely, sometimes ones I’ve touched hardly at all. But these titles will, hopefully, be going to someone’s house, to the house of someone who will appreciate them, even if it’s just to stack them with others and take comfort in their presence.

All you need to do to be eligible is to make a comment on this page about why you’d like to receive this book. If you post about the giveaway/s on your blog, I’ll give you two chances, and if you “tweet” about it on Twitter, I’ll add another chance to your tally. Winners will be chosen at random and will be announced every Friday, the same day I announce the next book I”m giving away.

Today’s book is Our Purpose: The Nobel Peace Prize Lecture by Al Gore. I have to admit that when Gore was VP I didn’t pay him much attention, but since he donned that gorgeous beard for a bit, I have given him more credence. Apparently, looking like Grizzly Adams gives you points in my book. This little volume is great – a quick read but very inspiring, as all lectures should be. It really spurred me to understand the crisis around global warming as something much larger than just hotter summers. As Gore says,

By facing and removing the danger of the climate crisis, we have the opportunity to gain the moral authority and vision to vastly increase our own capacity to solve other crises that have been too long ignored.

Ever an optimist and idealist, I like the idea that if we can fix this one gigantic problem we can fix others like hunger and poverty and racism and sexism. I see no benefit in hopelessness.

If you’d like to be entered to win this book, please let me know why you’d like to read it or have it for your collection. I will randomly choose our winner next week.

Cover of Our Purpose by Al GoreOur Purpose: The Nobel Peace Prize Lecture by Al Gore