Somehow, this week I have been slowed down by life, a lot. I’ve worked more than ten hours the past two days, had a terrible night’s sleep fueled by anxiety and lack of time to “process” during the day, and simply can’t seem to get past myself to write. Fortunately, I have to teach this morning, so that will require that I dress and get out of the house which is, of course, the only way to stay out of the funk but also, of course, the last thing I want to do.

I tried to write this morning, and I guess I did – but it was that diary-like gushing that feels good but isn’t really at all about craft. I’m trying to be okay with that today. I want to be writing lucid, clear prose that delves deep into the psyche, but to be honest, I’m just trying to keep my psyche intact today. I have to figure that taking care of mental health will mean that I have more days to write, right?

For my blog today, I wanted to spend some time highlighting things on the web that were amazing, but to be honest, while many people are writing great posts and sharing excellent things, I am simply not able to get past myself enough to appreciate them full. So I will save that post for another day.

Meanwhile, I can tell you about Book Blogger Appreciation Week, which comes up in mid-September. An amazingly kind soul nominated me in the category of “Best Writing,” and I feel absolutely honored. Unfortunately, I missed the first email and was late getting the second email in order to fulfill my part of the nomination by submitting sample pages for review, but I am still so blessed to be nominated. Thanks to whoever put me up for this great award.

Book Blogger Appreciation Week

Now, I am off to take a long hot shower with this great new conditioner I got – we have to appreciate the small things when life is smacking us with big ones – and to go teach my second day of class. The first one was great, and I hope the second goes as well.

May you have one time today when you laugh so hard that you think your ribs will crack and you will never breathe again.