Today, I have an entire free day ahead. I have many things I could do, but nothing I must do. And with this space open in my mind, I came upon something I wanted to write about as I did my morning practice – stone.

Suddenly, as I sat, I started to think about stone (prompted perhaps by a line from Milosz, who I’ve been reading lately) and all the ways I admire it. It’s such a curious thing – stone for that is the word I want to use even though “rock” is almost synonymous. The thing has such permanent properties yet often shows us so much of what is temporal in life.

I do not want to write too much here because I want the energy of the piece to go into the piece, but I must say that I have gotten that focus of mind that I find when I am writing something that carries weight and spark. What a glorious thing.

I was beginning to get frustrated with my writing, beginning to succumb to the pressure of what I had done when I decided I wanted to write more frequently but couldn’t seem to find the energy or desire to do so. So this morning, right now, I am glad to have found it and hope that this stone project will bear up for me for a bit, giving me energy and focus to dive in – ironically.

What gets you excited about a project? What gives you energy about it? What carries you forward into your art or your work? How do you find that focus in a world so scattered about?

Cairn by Andy Goldsworthy – One of Andy Goldsworthy’s many stone cairns