I’ve been sitting here a while trying to think of something else to post about, something that sounds less pitiful and whiny, but to be honest, this is what’s on my mind, so this is what I’ve got. I am trusting that some of you can relate.

As you may remember, I quit my job in June so that I could spend more time writing and also get away from some of the crazy politicking that comes with teaching at a community college. I am still fully convinced that I have made the right decision, especially as I watch the fall semester get started (from my second-hand position) and see the decisions the admin is making (let’s just say they upped enrollment in a basic study skills course – i.e. with the most at-risk students – by a third without asking the faculty about the wisdom of that choice). So here I am absolutely certain I am in the right place.

But let’s say that my bank account is not as certain. I have been blessed (miraculously blessed) to have enough cash to pay my mortgage for the past three months, to be able to pay my bills, and even to have a little spending money on the side. God has been good.

And God will continue to be good – it’s just now I’m getting God’s goodness in a whole new way. Now, I am learning to live the adventures of how little cash I have. I feel like I’m back in the summer after college when I was living on cereal and sleeping on my friend Molly’s floor. It’s kind of exciting.

My body, however, seems to not get the thrill. My old stress injuries in my neck are cropping up, and no amount of yoga works it out, it seems. But this, too, shall pass.

There is just something thrilling about trying to be as frugal as possible but also reminding myself how truly blessed I am to have a car to drive (although a new one is in my near future), a house to live in, food to eat, clothes to wear. In fact, writing this blog post has encouraged me to take this time in my life as a way to remind me of those in the world who are so much less fortunate than I am.

In fact, the CIA World Factbook says that the average per capita income in the world is $5,500 a year. Unbelievable. I am so much wealthier than most of the world, and yet, I worry – how sad is that. Still, I know that God is with me, just as God is with each and everyone of those people living on less than $15 a day. But perhaps, keeping these things in perspective will help.

In any case, I pray that you all find deep peace and pleasure in all of life’s stress today. May you know that you are deeply loved and cared for.