When I first starting blogging (500 posts ago today), I started to see these books giveaways on other people’s blogs. So I started entering them, not knowing just how addictive the process of commenting could be. The first book I “won” came from Booking Mama, and it was Lauren Allison and Lisa Perry’s The Woman Who Is Always Tan and Has a Flat Stomach. It came in the mail, and I was giddy.

Then, all the other books from giveaways or Bookmooch came in the mail, and this one got buried until it got put in the closet when my realtor told me I had to hide some of my books or I would never sell the house. And there this delightful little tome has sat for more than a year, tucked away behind the blue satin dress I’ve only worn once in my life (but I did look good that time:)).

Last week, as I was cleaning out more stuff in anticipation of selling my house (one must keep up hope somehow), I went through that stack of books hidden behind my shoes, and I came across this book. Somehow, I knew I needed to read it soon, so I pulled it out and put it beside my bed. I am glad I did.

As my students finished up their final exam last night, I finished up this book. Perhaps this was not my greatest moment of wisdom since I had to actually cover my mouth with my hand to keep from laughing out loud. The book contains 50 portraits of people who are immensely annoying such as “The Wife Who Finds Something Wrong with the Way her Husband Saved the Life of the Man Choking at the Table Next to Them” or “The Mom Who Made a Scrapbook So Large She Could Only Get It Downstairs by Hiring Professional Piano Movers.” We all know these people – I might add “The Woman Who Thinks that Disciplining her Child in the Backseat of a Moving Car is Justified Reason for Causing a 20 Car Pile-Up” or “The Man Who Hand Tends His Lawn (And Mine) Just so No ‘Infiltrators’ Invade our Occupied Zone” – although if you’re like me, it’s not usually funny when these people crop up in our lives.

But Perry and Allison make me laugh about these people who push the buttons of my own insecurity. They turn annoyances into humor (and in this, they remind me of Anne Lamott). And even though at first I worried that they weren’t going to implicate themselves, they do, showing how they “respond” to these people and what mistakes they make themselves, like trying to chainsaw a pre-lighted Christmas tree.

In their hyperbole and exaggeration, they brought me delight and even some wisdom about how to move through life with a little less frustration and a little more humor. I highly recommend this book.

And because it is my 500th post today, I am returning the giveaway favor and offering this book as a giveaway to a randomly selected person who can tell create a Allison-Perry-esque title for people that annoy them. Leave a comment below, and I”ll choose a winner on Monday, August 3rd. (Don’t forget about my other giveaway that ends on Friday.)

Cover of The Woman Who Is Always Tan . . . The Woman Who Is Always Tan and Has a Flat Stomach by Lauren Allison and Lisa Perry