So for those of you who read my blog regularly, you have probably noticed that I have been much more sporatic than scheduled in my blogging these past few months. Part of that is due to some major life changes – job ending, new relationship beginning – but part of it is that I think I have just needed some time to just be without duty or obligation, even to something I enjoy like this blog. In some major way, I have been learning to let go this summer.

I have been loving it. I don’t plan out my days too far in advance unless it’s necessary. I do a lot more things that are just fun – liking taking a day trip down to Virginia tomorrow to see Dave’s family and my parents or watching four hours of Heroes online yesterday.

I’ve been reading what I want to read. I’m just finishing up Elizabeth Peter’s The Laughter of Dead Kings, and while it’s not the most riveting book in terms of action or character, it’s fun and set in Egypt – perfect for summer. And I just went through my TBR pile last night and pulled out Nora Ephron’s Heartburn, which promises to be very funny if her essays are any indication.

Mostly, I’m learning to just go with life, to trust that God has got it all under control, to feel what I feel when I feel it, to understand those feelings and accept them, and to see that letting go is glorious. I suspect this will be a lesson I learn over and over and over again. But then perhaps that’s why we have seasons and weather – to show us that life is cyclical even as it’s different every moment of every day. We simply pray that as we cycle through we move forward bit by bit, more into who we were made to be.

And now back to the speed of summer – slow, steady, and restful.