This morning I got up early so that I could do my yoga practice. I started up again – after a long break – when Dave and I were at the beach, and those few minutes looking out over the ocean reminded me just how much peace and balance I gain from slowing my body and my mind down a bit.

In my practice today, I did a series meant to waken my body after sleep; it was called Rise and Shine – and boy did I shine, even if the rising wasn’t that graceful – that was a tough work-out. As I lay in savasana, I let my mind go and somehow it landed on an image of my own piano teacher’s house in the mountains of North Carolina. The house was a bit rambling and was next to her parents’ house. In my mind, I walked around the house and went under (or through?) part of the house to get to the other side of the yard. I have no idea if I am remembering the layout or if I am remembering something about the place that made me feel like it had a secret passage. But as I laid there and let these thoughts go through me, trying not to engage them, I came upon a question – was my piano teacher being abused by her husband?

I have no idea where this question comes from. I suspect somewhere during that time I overheard some conversation about that, but I know I was never actually aware of any abuse. And of course now, I have no reason to know that and could do nothing about it if I did. But here is a question, and I am sitting with it, trying to figure out what it matters to me. I don’t know my teacher anymore, and I don’t think my parents do either, so here, this question is for me. What does it mean to wonder this? What do I do with this question?

I suspect it will become part of something I write sometime; I don’t know. But to slow down enough to come upon a question in myself, well, that’s something pretty remarkable. What else will I know if I simply fall into myself once in a while?

May your day be full of meaningful and powerful questions that you find the answers to as you need them.