Today, this morning in fact, I suddenly felt ready to write again. I’ve been busy with life – a new relationship, work, adjusting to a new schedule, baking (cherry pie this afternoon) – and I have been content. In fact, I was starting to wonder if I was going to write again. And honestly, I was okay if I didn’t – I’m really trying to get past the idea of needing to force experiences on myself

Yet, now, in this moment, I am ready to write again. I am ready to put words down on paper. I am ready to enter that space where I disappear into myself. I feel amazing about that.

I’m not sure what prompted this change – maybe it’s simply because things seem to be going well; maybe it’s a change in schedule and plan that is coming up; maybe it’s simply that’s it’s time. Whatever it is, I’m grateful for it – for the return to words.

What I’ll write is still unclear to me – I want to revise the draft of a memoir I’ve been working on. I would like to pursue some journalistic opportunities. Maybe I”ll enter a few contests.

But really, all that matters now is that I’m back to this – black ink, white paper, the scratching sound of a pen – words and the energy behind them.