This morning the clouds look like someone dropped them from above in little dollops – the best whipped cream on fresh blueberries maybe . . .

Dave and I watched part of the Planet Earth series last night, the episode where they discuss conservation and the rate at which we are losing species and geographical features (wetlands, grasslands, etc). I was really struck by how little time we take to appreciate what we have, to appreciate what is beautiful. The snow leopard, tree frogs, orchids, the people we love.

Last week, at the US Botanical Garden, Dave and I strolled past some of the most intricate orchids I’ve ever seen – their tiny petals smaller than a new born infant’s finger tips. So delicate, so fragile, so strong. Then, we saw these crazy cacti – all spikes and points, all built to conserve and preserve. So tough, so fragile, so strong.

More and more, I just want time to stare at what is beautiful. More and more, I want to encourage us all to see what is beautiful. More and more, I want to see people make more beautiful things.

What do you know to be beautiful? Where do you find beauty? Is there anywhere that you can’t find it?

Blue Scented Sun Orchid – Blue Scented Sun Orchid