This morning I am sitting down to blog and, honestly, don’t have much to say. There’s this blissful emptiness that I’m living in right now. Life continues – in fact, life is really good. I am surrounded by people who love me; I have enough income to pay my bills; I have a house that gives me shelter; I have books to read and music to listen to. Basically, I”m in a good place.

And so, as I sit here with all my windows open and the dusting freshly done, I feel deeply content. Nothing to strive for; nothing to relive. Just here, now, with time to do just what I wish – sit and think and dream.

Life comes at us hard most days – too much to do, too much drama, too much love/pain/fear . . . so in these moments when the pace seems right and I am aware of the deep equilibrium that holds all of this existence in a balance that I usually do not perceive, I give thanks for these moments of stillness. They are so blessedly few.