It seems I keep coming across lots of books set in mythology and legend, and Blood Bar by Norman Applegate is just such a book. This thriller stars Kim Bennett, the heroine of two of Applegate’s previous novels, and pushes the limits of intrigue and sexuality in fun and interesting ways. The basic premise is that Bennett becomes involved with a group of vampires who are trying to find Jack the Ripper’s “Black Testament.” The setting spans both coasts of the States as it takes place in both San Francisco and New York City, and the characters are strong and fun. It’s a good read if you enjoy books that are fast-paced and laced with legend and myth.

However, I found the book hard to read because of the writing. It’s a bit stilted and over the top. While I found the plot intriguing at times, I had a hard time moving through it because of the word choice and sentence construction. I just like to be able to look past the mechanics of a book and get wrapped in the story, but the writing has to be very fluid for that to happen for me. Thus, this book was a hard read for this English prof. (I realize that my profession trains me to look for this type of thing, and so I may not be the best “average” reader.)

If you like vampire legends, extreme situations, and gripping plots, definitely pick up Blood Bar.

And if you are interested, visit my blog tomorrow where you can read a post by the author, Norm Applegate He’ll be discussing his writing process and upcoming projects. Hope to “see” you here.

Cover of Blood Bar by Norm ApplegateBlood Bar by Norm Applegate