Today, my mom and I (with help from some key folks) packed up almost all of my office and moved it to my house. I now have a great space in my basement, which was largely unused except by cats, to work on my teaching stuff. It’s a different office than my writing space, and I will be trying very hard to keep these spaces separate. I think that should be fairly easy.

I finished up my last official meeting yesterday, and while it was – as most things at the college where I work are – stressful, I felt good about how the committee acted. Now we see what our admin does – yikes!

But my folks are here for the weekend, and they are helping me, as they always do, look forward and enjoy where I am and where I’m headed. It’s really great. Today, I had a vision of my deck as a little oasis of green where I can read. Since my house isn’t selling, perhaps this is God’s way of giving me my paradise here, for now.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, all.