Time to sit back and unwind. . . . .

Never thought I’d quote Will Smith, but here I am doing so because as I look at my window at this sunny, cloudless, pre-summer day, that’s what I’m thinking about. A summer where I will unwind from all the stretching and striving I have done for the last few years, where I will let myself ease back into myself fully, where I will read and nap and hike and mow and garden and . . . . well, anything else I want to do.

I used to dread summer – the heat, the humidity, the emptiness of days without school – it amazes me that, basically, I’ve been in school for the last 29 years, either as a student or a teacher. I couldn’t stand the prospect of no schedule or plan or agenda for a day. Now, I can’t wait to revel in that. Somehow, I expect I’ll find myself able to accomplish more when I’m not trotting along to a series of obligations that take most of the day.

But until summer actually arrives (a week from toady for me), I am content where I am – looking at the window, enjoying the breeze, and being still.