This morning, I woke up to hear the beautiful ruckus of birds outside my window. The rain has paused in this weeklong soaking that the east coast of the U.S. is getting, and I guess the flying friends decided it was time to come out in chorus. It was beautiful.

Their singing reminded me how easy living a sustainable life can be. For one, I can spare ten more minutes in bed just to listen to the birds before I go whizzing through my day and don’t notice anything. I did the same thing yesterday when it was raining – the sound of droplets on my deck is very soothing to me.

I can also support local wildlife habitat by not littering and by planting undercover and brush for the birds to feed and hide in. Plus, I hang a black oil sunflower seed feeder and a thistle feeder on my deck – the cats and I get free and beautiful entertainment every morning.

When I make my coffee, I can compost the grounds from the previous day and use them as great plant fertilizer. My house plants get very green the day after they get a shot of caffeine.

So here I sit with the lights off, relishing the gray morning light of an overcast day; the birds are still singing; the creek is running high and soothing me with its voice; my coffee is strong and bold; the cats are happy to just be breathing and have me and each other around. I’m awake and breathing and happy to be.

Sometimes the sustainable life is the easiest one.