I have neglected my usual Thursday routine of late, and today, I’d like to get back to it. So here’s my list for today – Good Stuff about the Web.

1. My brother, Jeremy. Yes, my brother is on the web, and he is my webmaster. He is also the man who fixed the problems that were preventing so many of you from seeing my blog for the past couple of weeks. He is a kind, talented soul, and I am even more indebted to him now that I was ever before. A talented composer in addition to web guru, Jeremy has a great website that I hope you will all take time to visit. I highly recommend that you listen to “Tenchi,” a piece he wrote that garnered him a prize in Texas and a comparison to Stravinsky. It’s really beautiful.

2. Facebook. Now, sometimes Facebook really annoys me, especially before I figured out that I didn’t have to get an email every time someone sent me a “Li’l Green Patch Gift.” But most of the time I really enjoy it and find it a useful tool. Now, many of my students ask me questions about class there, and I get to hear snippets about people’s lives. It’s fun.

Facebook is also useful for promoting stuff. Yesterday, I created a page for the Speakers Series I helped to create at the College where I work (for the next 18 days – yeah!). So if you’re on there, join our group and get announcements about the great events we have.

3. YouTube. Please tell me you all know this great site where you can post and watch videos. Such fun and also so helpful in the classroom. I use this tool all the time when I need short clips for a class. It’s great.

Here are three of my favorite videos: LED Sheep, Filipino Inmates Dance to Thriller, and Where the Hell is Matt? – the Original and the 2008 Version. (I watch the 2008 version when I need a simple smile.)

Enjoy this stuff, folks . . . it’s some of my favorite “good stuff” around the web. And it’s especially good to have you all back. Now, go watch Matt Dance.