I’m a big fan of sustainable clothes, clothing I can feel good about wearing. I own hemp skirts and organic cotton tees, and I love them all. I also find that natural fiber clothing feels better on my skin – I breathe better – both physically and ethically – when I wear it.

So I thought I’d share some of my favorite sustainable clothing sites just in case you need something (and hear I want to stress NEED because it’s not that sustainable for us to buy clothing we don’t need).

First, I love Simple Shoes. They make great, cute shoes in the most sustainable way possible. As they say:

Sometimes our progress is notable while at other times the improvements are harder to come by. The important thing is we’re committed to making our product 100% sustainable. Finding materials and processes that make our products sustainable is a method we call Green Toe. It isn’t a magic formula, or a cure. It is a compass that, we hope, points to a bright green future.

Progress in Green Toe is measured with a scale called “good, better, best.” The best category represents our most sustainable shoes and bags and sets the bar for the rest of the line. Moving forward these same innovative materials and constructions will be found in the good and better categories, raising the bar for the best products. Pretty nifty, huh?

Today I bought a pair of flip flops (my normal summer shoes that I wear with everything from skirts to jeans to shorts) in chocolate and adriatic blue (pink just isn’t my favorite color), and with a special deal going on, I got free shipping. The shoes also come in a completely biodegradable bag, so even the packaging is helpful to the earth.
Cushee Flip Flops from Simple Shoes

Second, I want to recommend a couple of clothing sites for you. Mountains of the Moon and The Green Loop. Mountains of the Moon showcases the work of clothing artists who are dedicated to creating eco-friendly clothing. Their stuff is unique and beautiful. Just take a look at this organic onesy for a little one.
Organic Onesy from Mountains of the Moon

The Green Loop is a clearing house for lots of eco-designers, like Bono’s Edun, and they provide the eco-friendly products for other designers, too. I love this blouse from Edun.
Angelina Blouse from Edun

Finally, for those of you who are really into T-shirts, check out Threadless‘s “Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree” promotion in honor of Earth Day. For every purchase made, Threadless will donate $1 to the Nature Conservancy’s Plant A Billion Trees campaign. (By the way, it’s worth it just to click on the Nature Conservancy link because of all the great stuff you can learn about forest ecosystems.).

So if you need some clothing, have a gift to give, or just want to support some really good eco-friendly businesses, check these out. And if you have others to recommend, please do.

I’m off to don my hemp skirt for a day of teaching. And tomorrow, stay tuned for a my special Earth Day salute.