For years, my friends have been investing their time and energy to help the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere – the Haitians. They have participated in service projects, sent food and financial relief after hurricanes, and have prayed for these people. Now, two of my friends are in the process of adopting a little girl from Haiti.

While they wait for the adoption to go through (a process that is taking far longer than they expected), they decided to organize a fundraising run to help provide food for the orphanage where their daughter lives – Maison des Enfants de Dieus (the House of the Children of God). This run will be part of the Frederick Running Festival in Frederick, MD, and so far they have 19 runners committed to raise at least $400 a piece. The proceeds from the run will be donated to the orphanage and the people of Port-au-Prince.

In Haiti, 80% of the population lives below the poverty line, with 54% living in abject poverty, sometimes turning to literally eat mud to survive. The country also suffers from mass deforestation brought on by the people’s attempts to farm and sustain themselves. But because Haiti is in the hurricane belt, they suffer massive erosion and crop loss every year. At present, the country is barely holding together. (Information from the World Factbook.)

The Maison Des Enfants de Dieu currently houses 125 children, and each month they have to turn away 80 more. This food relief will help support the children in the orphanage and the people of the surrounding city – the orphanage serves 22,500 meals a month The orphanage provides Kindergarten through 4th grade education and employs over 100 staff (a huge number in a country where 60% of the people are unemployed) to care for these children.

If you are able to sponsor a runner in this race, please visit here to make a donation. And if you’re like more information about adoption through Maison Des Enfants de Dieu, Mission Trips to Haiti, sponsoring a child in Haiti, or other services, please visit For His Glory Adoption Outreach.

I can only say that while I know we are experiencing an economic downturn here, and people here are definitely suffering, our poverty here in the U.S. does not compare to the poverty in Haiti. So if you have something to give – money, time, prayer – please do. The Haitians need it.

For photos of the beautiful kids at the creche, visit here.