This morning, all, I simply cannot sit still and write a long post, although I would love to commune with you in that way.

But it’s a perfect day outside – I mean perfect. It’s already feeling like it’s in the mid-60s; there’s not a cloud in the sky, and I have a day without work. My dad is coming up; we’re picking up my friend Kristy and hitting some Amish markets. Then, a potluck with more friends at my place. Maybe a nice walk with Dad tonight. What a gorgeous day.

Before I go, I should say that I saw a great show with Slimfit, Perkasie, and the Duhks last night. Slimfit even had one of the members of Danzig sing a song with them. (It’s a testament to how little I know about hardcore rock that I couldn’t tell you which member of Danzig was on stage.) But it was fun, and the crowd was great for the whole show. Definitely check all of the bands out when you get a chance.

But first, get outside and enjoy the weather if it’s nice where you are. Have a great one.