Well, we are three weeks away from the end of the semester (11 days of classes and 5 days of finals to be exact), and it was looking bleak this week. The students were particularly zombieish with dark circles under their eyes and a slump in their shoulders that can only be caused by the onset of research papers and presentations. I thought we might all fall over from fatigue.

But today, the sun is out. The windows are open. The woodpeckers are climbing all over the trees outside my house, and the students are perking up a bit. Sunshine really is miraculous.

Now, I might lose students because they’re out basking in the sun, and that would be a shame, too, since we’re so close to the end. But at least then, they’re happy and reveling, instead of moping. I’ll take that any day.

Enjoy the glory of the weekend, folks.

Summer Felling by Eric“Summer Feeling” by Eric