Sometimes life, despite my best efforts, loses me in it’s slipstream, and yesterday was one of those days. I totally forgot it was Tuesday and that I wanted to write about ways we can care for our earth and each other in my “supposedly” regular Tuesday feature, Take Care Tuesday. Apologies.

This week, I thought I’d focus on various ways we can care for things that grow – food, trees, ourselves – so here are a few things I’ve found that strike me as wise and innovative.

1. Eco-Libris – Their slogan is “Plant a tree for every book you read.” The idea is that you donate a $1 for every book you read, and Eco-Libris sends you a sticker to show you’ve planted a tree in honor of that book. Then, they plant a tree for you. It’s simple concept, but one that’s crucial, especially for us book lovers. Books come from trees, so . . . they also have a great link with Bookmooch.

2. Local Harvest – I’m indebted to my students for finding this link to Here, you can enter your zip code and find organic and local restaurants, CSAs, dairies, etc – all in your area. If you use their “all in area” search, you can find everything within a certain radius of your home . . . I found a great CSA, Calvert Farm, that I pass several days a week but didn’t know was there. It’s very exciting.

3. One Square Inch of Silence by Gordon Hempton and John Grossman – This book came to my attention through Powell’s blog, and I knew that I must absolutely get it for my father, who is always complaining about noise. He’s been deaf in one ear since childhood and has lost a good bit of his hearing in the other, so the constant background noise of life is not only annoying to him but ultimately frustrating, closing him out of lots of conversations. I haven’t had a chance to read the book yet, but this concept fascinates me – how do we cultivate silence in our lives? What is the value of silence? I’ll be sure to let you know what Dad thinks of this one (but don’t tell him I got it – it’s for his birthday.)
Cover of One Square Inch of Silence

I have lots more to say on this idea of caring for things that grow, but I’ll leave you with those three for now. Please bounce around and take a look. And send me your thoughts on these ideas, too. What do you do to grow silence in your life? Are you a member of a CSA? Do you think about the use of trees in the books you buy?

Have a wonderful day, and love those folks near you. They need it.