Today, I begin teaching Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver in my Composition class. The class is themed around food, so I thought this was a readable book for these folks and something that they could manage while they work on their research papers.

As I was searching around for supplemental materials to help as we discuss the text, I came across this great blog that I had never seen before, The Crunchy Chicken. Here, Crunchy (as I call her since I’ve known of her existence for all of 14 hours) gives some great tips on sustainable living, ideas she’s gleaned from other blogs and from her own experience of trying to live with less impact on the earth. Right now, she’s running a Sustainable Food Budget Challenge that looks really interesting to me since it combines local, organic eating with trying to keep costs down. For me to participate, as a single person, her goal figure would be for me to spend less thna $176 a month on food. I already come in with less than that, so I’m going to try to come in at $125 for the month. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve also been trying to stock up on books about sustainable living and homestead. In Mother Earth Newsthis month (their website is chock full of content, too), they include a excerpt from Made from Scratch by Jenna Woginrich, and I immediately put the book on my Bookmooch wishlist. It’s about a young woman who starts a homestead where she raises rabbits, grows lots of her own foods, and just simply tries to live life on her own terms as much as possible. Jenna also writes a great blog about her place, Cold Antler Farm.

Cover of Made from Scratch by Jenna WoginrichMade from Scratch by Jenna Woginrich

And I could go on and on because this sustainable living thing, well, it’s really catching on. When I go to put books about homesteading or growing your own food or building green on my Bookmooch list, I find I’ve just added my name to a long list of folks who also want this book (and expectedly, want it through a sustainable, reuse program like Bookmooch). It’s really wonderful (unless of course I want the book now). But I’m so happy to see it, that I’m deciding, this moment in fact, that every Tuesday I will post on sustainability. I will call it Taking Care Tuesday. (Not bad for a spur of the moment title, huh?)

So if you have books to recommend, let me know. If you know of blogs I should read and recommend, let me know. If you try to do something sustainable, let me know. Post a link or title in comments. Share a tip. I’ll try to cull through and post them more visibly on the blog each Tuesday (or more often).

Wow! This post really energized me today. I can’t wait to teach this afternoon. Those folks better watch out. I’m on fire.