This morning, folks, I look ahead to a weekend where I don’t have many formal plans. I’m going to see Jonatha Brooke with a friend on Sunday evening, and that afternoon, my neighbor and I will do a little neighborhood clean-up as an excuse to get outside.

But tonight and tomorrow are pretty wide open – somehow I successfully failed to schedule any activities, despite my best efforts to make myself fiercely crazy. And wow, it feels great.

If I had my way, my evening would involve friends (and I heard a rumor about homemade pizza at someone’s house tonight) and sewing. Maybe early to bed, maybe not . . . but all about relaxing.

Then, tomorrow, I’d have a day where I wrote some, read some, spent some time outside (I just learned that an Amish acquaintance has opened his flower shop, so a trip to Ike’s is definitely on the agenda now). I’d like to putter around and spend enough time outside, if it’s not raining, to get that tired, warm feeling on my face from a bit too much sun (with sunscreen on, of course).

I’d like to finish Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair by Laurie Perry, which I finished more than half of last night and which kept me up laughing way too late. I’d like to sleep in (can someone give a cats a hint about that?). I’d like to throw open my windows and air out the house.

Mostly, I’d like it to be spring. And it looks like it will be, and I, my friends, will be able to enjoy it. What will you do with your glorious weekend? I hope you get some time to revel.

Longwood Gardens in Spring – Longwood Gardens in Spring