I was talking with a friend last night, and he asked me a question that I’m surprised to have never been asked before – why do I blog? (He asked it more eloquently than that, but I’m a bit under the weather, so that’s what we’ve got today, folks).

I actually had a hard time explaining this. I blog because I want people to recognize my name when my work is published (that’s the initial reason I started the blog.) I blog because I like to give credit to books and artists that I celebrate. I blog because I’m inspired by the other great bloggers out there.

But it was only as this friend and I continued talking that he clued me in to my major reason for blogging. He said he really likes to share. That’s my reason, too. I like to share. I like to feel connected with people, even if it’s simply a tenuous connection through an internet feed. As I told my friend, writing is the most solitary of acts and has to be – we cannot (most of the time) write with other people. It requires silence and solitude. So this blog represents my way of breaking through that silence, of extending a little hand through the ether of my writing space, like fingers breaking the surface tension on a pond to touch a turtle’s shell. And yes, you guys are the turtles.

So why do you blog? What rules do you have about blogging? Do you not write about your personal life? Do you change names? Do you limit yourself to particular subjects? What motivates you to do this blog thing (or not to do it, if you don’t), and how do you guard this space for that purpose?

Vernal Pool II by I Am Amy – “Vernal Pool II” by I_Am_Amy on Flickr.