Yesterday, on Facebook, I got a status update that told me a man named Jordan who I’ve known since he was about 4. In fact – you know what’s coming right – I used to babysit him and his siblings when I was in high school.

So I was flabbergasted to see he is 21 – a man, really. I decided to check out what he is up to, and I came across this photo of him singing – now he comes from a musical family, and my mom has been his piano teacher for years, so the musical part wasn’t a surprise. What was is that he’s part of one of UVa‘s famous a capella groups. These groups are amazing – they perform songs without any instruments beyond their voices. The groups give percussion and six to ten or more part harmony. They’re phenomenal.

I scoped out Jordan’s page for a while and found out he’s part of AVP (Academical Village People – those UVa students are so witty), and the group is really wonderful. If you’d like to hear Jordan sing (and you really should), check out their albums page, select “All Night Lawn” (hee hee) and click on “I’m Yours.” (He’s performing Jason Mraz amazingly.) And then click on the other links, or visit the Media page and see some of the videos of these guys. They have so much fun, and they’re so good.

Last night, as I watched Jordan sing in a giant afro wig and prison jumpsuit, I got all teary. Here is a man, a man I watched become a man. And I couldn’t be prouder of him. Really.

Today, I am happy to be older.

Academical Village People