So this morning, I am tooling around the house with the windows open, and I’m singing, “Love, love, love makes people happy. Love, love, love makes people free. Love makes people do the things they know they ought to do. Love is doing things for you and me.” I think it’s a children’s church song, but I’m not sure why I remembered it today. Here it is though and it seems perfect for this first day of spring.

Yesterday, C.B. gave me the “I Heart Your Blog Award,” and I am so honored. His blog is great, so I give this award right back to him – write on, C.B.
I Heart Your Blog Award

I also want to extend the love to a few other folks.

The Task at Hand – Linda writes thoughtful, lyrics posts about writing, life, the balance of work and the rest of our world, tragedy, growth, beauty. Each of her posts is like a little moment in a window box with a good book and no other cares. Her work is amazing.

Word Lily – Word Lily keeps up with all the regularly scheduled blog posts – Booking Through Thursday, for example – and she reads and review voraciously. A great source of info on all things bookish.

Books I Done Read
– The tagline for this blog says it all, “Reading books so you don’t have to.”

Laraine Herring’s Blog – This writer (and friend of mine) always posts so thoughtfully on the things that make up life – be they writer’s block, teaching, relationships, memories – each post is like reading a chapter from her glorious books.

Bold, Blue, Adventure – Kim is always witty and wise, and she points out the strange and quirky in life. Very fun reading.

So pass on the award if you will, and definitely check out these blogs, add them to your feeds/readers, and enjoy this gorgeous weekend.

“Love, love, love makes people happy. Love, love . . . ” Fade to silence.