There’s not much you can do but try to accept that and go from there. Today, I have successfully bounced around the internet for four hours . . . how is that even possible?

I did get a little writing work done though – sending out book proposals and such. So that’s a good thing.

Started reading The Magician’s Nephew last night – I love these books. As I drifted off to sleep, I was talking to myself in a sort of Lewis-esque fashion with more elevated diction and vocabulary than the normal drivel I see in my own head. Great stuff. (Don’t forget The Chronicles of Narnia challenge.)

Now, I must be off into my day. I have some stories to read from my creative writing students – can’t wait for that. And I have meetings and house cleaning and cooking to do . . . . can’t wait to get out in that garden. Have a beautiful day.

Daffodils by GoodMolecules – “Daffodils” by GoodMolecules at Flickr