Aside from the fact that I woke up from a panicked dream about not being able to get everything done (brought on, I’m sure, by Daylight Savings Time – I get the premise of this thing, but it always throws me off), the day looks bright and hopeful – and warm.

Today, I will be doing some extensive reading of student poetry submissions. So far they have been really strong – full of luscious images and musings that make me want to read more (and you teachers know how rare it is to want to grade MORE papers). I’m excited to finish those up this afternoon.

Then, after a nap, I hope to plow through the rest of Sabriel and even the last few pages of The Watchmen (I know, I know – the movie’s already out, but I haven’t seen it yet.) And if I’m lucky, I”ll get to read more of The Mysterious Life of the Heart put out by The Sun Magazine.

Finally, my day will end, as all good days should, with music. I’ll be seeing Slimfit, Perkasie, and Madi Diaz in Lancaster, PA tonight. Come out for the show if you’re free and in the area, and watch for my interview with Perkasie tomorrow.

Have a great Sunday, everyone.